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D.O.P.S. Police Commission

The Police Service is directed by the D.O.P.S. Police Commission, which consists of one member from each of the Local Police Committees.

Presently there are 6 communities receiving policing services from D.O.P.S. Under the Police Services Agreement, they are known as the "Participating Communities". Each participating community within D.O.P.S. provides a representative for the Police Commission. Presently there is to be 6 members on the Commission that are selected from each of the Participating Communities. Each member is not to hold another elected office such as Chief or Councillor or can not to be employed by D.O.T.C. or members of D.O.P.S.

The 2017-2018 Police Commission members representatives are from:
- Birdtail Sioux First Nation
- Canupawakpa Dakota Nation
- Long Plain First Nation
- Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation
- Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation
- Waywayseecappo First Nation

Police Commission members ensure that D.O.P.S. is responsive to the culture, priorities and needs of the Participating Communities and guide D.O.P.S. to ensure a proper and quality level of policing services is delivered by D.O.P.S. The members also ensure that the police service is free from inappropriate political influence. This ensures the participating communities' priorities, issues and concerns related to public safety and policing are identified and progress is monitored.

The Police Commission met quarterly in 2011 and regularly now. The Police Commission is provided training on Board Rules, Regulations and Liabilities and is provided a Police Commission Policy & Regulations handbook when they are appointed to service.

The Local Police Committees identify local policing needs, develops community-based strategies, including crime prevention programs, They also liaise with the local Dakota Ojibway Police Service Sergeant and/or Corporal, and makes representation on the regional Police Commission on matters under its jurisdiction. The D.O.P.S. Police Commission was empowered on July 10, 1997 by the Council of Chiefs of the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council.

D.O.P.S. Police Commission - Local Committees

Local Police Committees have been established in each First Nation community policed by D.O.P.S. and consist of one chairperson and three or more representatives chosen by that community.